by Craig Fryar on November 20, 2020

You’ve completed your Startup Profile and submitted it to Fundify for approval. What can you do now to position your equity crowdfunding campaign for success? Here’s a quick checklist.


1. Polish Key Campaign Materials

  • Proof that pitch deck. Take another look at this all-important piece to ensure it communicates your unique advantages clearly, presents a consistent design throughout and is free of typos. Missteps here can create doubt for potential Investors.

  • Take one more look at your campaign cover photo. In today’s visual-driven world, it’s essential to lead with a quality image. Make sure your campaign cover photo looks good in the space. Does it quickly communicate a key point of your brand or product in a way that feels inviting to potential Investors? 

    If you need a better photo, consider shooting new images or access free, high-quality photos on Pexels, Pixabay or Unsplash. Do not use copyrighted photos found elsewhere without permission.

  • Check team members’ photos and bios. Potential Investors feel more connected to a Startup when they can see the people driving the growth. Make sure you’ve included a quality headshot for each member, preferably using a consistent background or style.
  • Test links. Have you included links from your campaign page to your press coverage, company website or social assets? Great! Test them to ensure potential Investors will find the information you want them to see.

  • Remove any placeholder text. Sometimes we all lorem ipsum an answer while finalizing details. (Lorem ipsum = placeholder text.) Check to ensure you’ve replaced any mock text with the real details. 


2. Rev Your Marketing Machine

  • Marketing checklist. The success of your campaign is directly related to the strength of your campaign’s marketing program. It’s so important that we’ve created a marketing checklist for Startups using the Fundify platform. It’s critical that you plan each step and prepare materials so they’re ready when needed.

  • Consider an Investor perks program. Some Startups offer perks to attract higher-level Investors, such as those who invest $250-$25,000. Perks, which are in addition to equity for investments on our platform, often take the shape of gratitude shown publicly to specific Investors, branded swag, product discounts or invites to behind-the-scenes events after the campaign. The program can be set up on your campaign pages before your funding campaign begins.

  • Assign roles and schedule key functions. You and your team will need to spend time each day driving your campaign. Have you identified who will reply to potential Investors on the campaign discussion board? Who will post updates inside the campaign? Who will keep your social media current and implement your marketing campaign? Now is the time to clarify roles and block off time on calendars.


3. Recharge Your Mind

  • Downtime may be a luxury for the coming weeks. Rest now, recharge your mind and get ready for a fast-paced campaign that can help take your business to the next level.

Have questions about your campaign? Find the answers in our Knowledge Base or contact us.