by Craig Fryar on February 10, 2022

Are you ready to get in on the startup investment movement? This market is surging with investments up 140% in 2021 vs. 2020 as more people learn that almost anyone can invest in startups thanks to changes in regulations and tech (source: CCA).

Here’s how you can invest in startups on Fundify. It’s simple.

  1. Join Fundify for free by clicking the button in the top-right corner of our site. The only info needed to join is your name, email and the password you chose. This enables you to stay in the loop as new investment opportunities open.

  2. You can then check out the startups currently open for investors in our Marketplace at

  3. As you find startups that are of interest to you, click on the campaign card to learn more. Each online campaign includes helpful information for your due diligence, including a discussion board to ask founders questions directly. 

    You’ll find information about the company, market need, solution, business model, traction, competition and founding team. There’s also a button to invest. Side tabs provide even more info:

Pitch – This is the main campaign page and is a great place to start.

Articles & Press – See press coverage the startup has earned and industry articles the team has shared.

Company Information – This list tells you the startup’s industry, revenue stage, company location and more.

Team – Meet the founding team

Investors – See who else has invested and read reviews.

Discussion – Post any questions you have about this investment opportunity. You’ll hear back directly from the founding team.

Updates – Check out campaign and company news.

Importantly, the offering terms are shown in the right-hand column of the campaign pages. There, you can see the minimum investment amount, security type (for example – equity, debt or others), the amount being raised and more. In this section, you can also access financial disclosures and any required documents that have been filed with the Securities and Exchange Commision (SEC).

4. When you’re ready to invest, click the “1-Click Invest” button on the right. This will walk you through the simple investment process where you’ll enter:

  • the amount you’d like to invest 
  • your payment method (we currently accept credit card, ACH or wire) 
  • your identification (driver’s license, passport or other government-issued ID). We’re required to gather this as part of anti-money laundering laws.
  • information about your financial status, which determines how much you can invest in startups each year. (U.S. regulations set investment limits based on income/net worth, except for accredited investors who can invest any amount. See “How much can I invest in startups” for more info. )
  • acknowledgement of the investor agreements and terms of the offering.


5. Next, it’s celebration and confetti time as you’ve completed your investment!

You’ll receive a series of related emails that are required to confirm your startup investment: 

  • Investment commitment confirmation – This lets you know that we received the investment you just placed.
  • Funds received – When your payment arrives at our escrow service provider’s account, we’ll let you know that your funds have been received.
  • Closing soon – We’ll let you know about 5 days before this funding campaign closes.
  • Funds invested – When the funds in escrow are transferred to the startup upon a successful campaign closing, we’ll let you know that you are officially one of their investors. 

At Fundify, we want to make it simple for you to build your startup investment portfolio, so we’ll send you weekly alerts about additional investment opportunities in new startups and growth companies. You can always reach out with general investing questions via our site’s chatbot, and startup founders are standing by to answer questions via their company’s offering page discussion board. 

Welcome to the startup investment movement! It’s time to invest in your future!


Checkout startups currently open to investors here.

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