by Amy Thompson on May 11, 2021

Your pitch video is a critical element of your equity crowdfunding campaign. A study presented at the IEEE Conference showed that the lack of a video reduces the probability of investment by 26%. (Read study.) And research by Wyzowl shows that 66% of consumers prefer to learn about a product by viewing a brief video rather than by reading text. (Source plus more video stats, if you’re not already convinced.)

So how do you create a powerful pitch video? It starts with a strong script. Here are key points to remember when scripting along with an outline we recommend for companies raising capital on Fundify.


Key Guidelines

  • Grab attention within the first 10 seconds. 
  • Use simple, conversational language as much as possible.
  • Write in second person. (Do you know how long it takes to … ? Rather than It takes x minutes to … .)
  • Do not simply convert your pitch deck into a pitch video. It’s an entirely different animal.
  • Keep your messaging high level; don’t get down in the weeds or inner workings of your business, product or service (e.g., KISS rule).
  • Avoid jargon or industry terms that the everyday Investor may not understand.
  • Remember potential Investors will hear your words, not read them. Think about how the words sound and break up long sentences.
  • Make an energetic pitch in 3 minutes or less.
  • Comply with the SEC’s regulations for campaign promotion. More on that later.


10-Point Pitch Video Outline
Use this outline as a guide but take the liberty to adjust based on the strengths of your business.

  1. Opening hook. In about 10 seconds, grab the viewers’ attention. This often begins with an emotional tug that’s backed up with facts soon after. In many cases, the hook shines a light on the problem you’re solving. But if your business is more about a unique advantage rather than a problem being solved, lead with your edge. Some examples could be an IP-driven tech play, a discovery or a proven team.

  2. Briefly tell why you started this business, but only if this is a compelling part of your company’s story.

  3. Show how you solve the problem with a product/solution benefit and then feature description. Mention your motto, tagline or key benefit statement (you’ll repeat this later).

  4. Specifically call out your differentiators. How do you solve this problem better than any other solution? Can you quantify with data how much better your solution is? If so, cite the stats and source.

  5. Describe the market size and/or potential. Investors need to know there is lots of room for growth here. Include the number of people in a category, dollars spent per year, growth rate or other high-level metrics that are key to your potential.

  6. Describe your traction and projections. Include revenue, sales, success of your pilot, registered users, downloads, daily active users, product development milestones achieved or other relevant data derived from your research. Reality check: Make sure your initial, three-year growth projections do not make you the fastest-growing company in history. (This often happens, and it raises flags for potential Investors.)

  7. Build credibility for your investment opportunity. Do you hold patents, FDA approval, industry certifications? Have you secured key partnerships? Won awards or pitch competitions? Have you earned high-profile media coverage? Have notable testimonials? Briefly show the strongest social proof for your company.

  8. Show how your team is the one to get this done. Do founders, board members or other team members have a track record of successful Startup experiences (any exits?) or prior industry experience? Do team members hold notable degrees or certifications? Consider mentioning prior employers that may also build credibility for what you’re proposing to build.

  9. Briefly describe how the funds raised will impact your business. Are you raising to hire key talent, secure IP registration, complete product development, fulfill orders or launch a marketing campaign? Let Investors know how you plan to grow your business with funding. Avoid mentioning the specific amount so that you can use this video beyond your campaign pages while complying with regulations (see below). This also gives you the flexibility to continue using the video if the amount you’re raising changes during the campaign.

  10. Close with a clear call to action (CTA). Invite people to invest in your company. Help people connect their own passions, motivations and investment interests to the mission of your business. Reinforce a key benefit statement you’ve already mentioned, such as your tagline. Consider creating multiple versions of your close so you can use the video across different channels.


Keep It Compliant

The SEC has specific rules for the promotion of an equity crowdfunding campaign. If you don’t follow the rules, you risk losing your ability to raise capital through this method. 

In general, you must avoid hyperbole (“the world’s greatest widget”), promissory statements (“revenue will double”) or claims that cannot be supported by data (“we’re 10x better” -- unless you have valid data to support that claim). 

In addition, campaign communications cannot mention both the offered investment terms (such as the amount being raised, price per share, etc.) and nonterms (such as your company’s unique selling points, market traction, etc.). Terms and nonterms must be communicated separately except on your funding campaign page. That’s one reason why we recommend you avoid mentioning the amount of funding you’re seeking or your valuation in your pitch video.


Write & Refine

With this, jump right in and write your script to show potential Investors why you believe so strongly in your company. When you’re happy with the script, read it out loud to yourself and time it. Then forward it to several people and invite their candid, “friendly fire” feedback to further refine.

If you need help finding a video producer to bring your script to life, reach out to us.

You can begin building your funding campaign on Fundify while your video is in production. Get started here


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