by Fundify on November 22, 2021

In this season of thankfulness, we asked Founders what they're especially thankful for this year. Read on to see what tops the grateful list for these Startup Founders.


Josh Chodniewicz
CEO & Founder
Fundify, Inc.

"I’ve worked with startups my entire adult life, as a founder, an investor and an advisor. I know how hard it is to build something from nothing, to grow it and to raise capital along the way. Now with Fundify, I get to work with incredible founders helping them as they work through regulatory steps, positioning, investor outreach and so much more. 

"I’m especially thankful that I have the opportunity to help startup founders with one of the most difficult aspects of building a startup -- raising capital. 

"I learned so much building from an idea in my parents' basement to a global, $3B success, and I've learned plenty as an angel investor and VC. I love getting to share my experiences with other founders."


Aroon V. Tungare, PhD
CEO & President
NODABL Networks

"Being able to get online is as critical today as having reliable access to water and electricity. The Covid-19 pandemic, besides wreaking havoc to human health around the world, unceremoniously revealed the digital inequities that exist in communities across the U.S. When schools across the country shut down and transitioned to distance learning, thousands of children were left without the ability to get online. Access to broadband determines who has access to information and who can participate in the modern economy.

"While personally I have many things to be thankful for despite the pandemic, professionally I am especially thankful for the opportunity to level the digital access playing field in underserved communities.

"NODABL Networks is helping local governments address the digital divide by building city owned LTE and 5G networks. Cities can use the networks to provide broadband access in underserved communities and leverage the same network for other Smart City uses. The capital raise through the Fundify platform gives investors an opportunity to participate in NODABL’s altruistic vision of enabling people, communities, and enterprises to flourish, while providing NODABL the financial runway it needs for profitable growth."

Learn more about NODABL Networks here.


Clint Davis
CEO & Cofounder

"When you’re building a new company, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the work and finances. But today, I find myself more grateful for and driven by our mission of valuing human life than ever before.

"My perspective shifted earlier this year when I faced a serious diagnosis that required surgery. There’s never a good time for that, but this was especially bad timing as I was starting a new company and working with a remote team during a pandemic. 

"Now on the other side of the health issues, I find myself especially thankful to be part of a company that recognizes the value of every person’s journey and creates a space where it can be shared and preserved

"That expression of life is what we’re building at Capsll. I’m so grateful to still be here and to be part of this mission."

Learn more about Capsll here.


John Murphy
President & CEO

At Digital ARC we are thankful for an awesome team, members and investors who have brought us this far in our product implementation.  

It is a honor and privilege to be part of a team that develops advanced technology to bring people together virtually with privacy as top priority. 

Thanksgiving season offers a special opportunity to reflect on our many blessings and favor we had in our launch and the amazing new relationship created along the way.  

At Digital ARC we look forward to the next phase of the product development as new investors join our journey!

We wish you all a wonderful thanksgiving celebration with your loved ones.

Learn more about ARC here.

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