Bamboozlers Spirits, Inc.

Bamboozlers ready to drink cocktails (RTD’s) are high quality beverages created by nationally recognized mixologists utilizing the finest all-natural ingredients available. Once introduced to the market, Bamboozlers RTD’s were quickly embraced by leaders in the luxury hotels across the US.

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Bamboozlers®, premium, pre-mixed classic cocktails, in a convenient single serve format, represent an amazing new line of proprietary beverages created by nationally recognized mixologists.  These proprietary beverages were sold pre-pandemic into high end hotels in Florida, California and Georgia and were quickly embraced by leaders in the luxury segment like the Fontainebleau, the Ritz Carleton, Marriott and Intercontinental to name a few. The lineup of cocktails was thoughtfully developed to appeal to both B2B and consumer markets and ranges from the sophisticated Negroni to the Moscow Mule, Daiquiri, and other classic favorites.

Today a group of highly experienced beverage and hospitality industry executives have joined forces to relaunch this line of products that we believe will be readily embraced by the hospitality community, and also be purchased direct to home in abundance.  Due to recent changes in the market landscape and rapid proliferation of purchasing direct to home, a consumer marketing campaign, integrating significant digital media strategies is underway to accelerate immediate sales results direct to the consumer.  

Key Reasons to Invest:

  • Convenient Product: Our cocktails are exceptional quality and blended to exacting standards, resulting in a premium product that is ready to drink.
  • Established Traction: by creating key relationships with clients, we have gained traction in the hospitality industry and consumer markets.
  • Highly Experienced Leadership Team: Our team has decades of experience in scaling businesses, some to billion dollar enterprises.  Further, our advisory team have enormous influence and associations in the hospitality sector and select consumer markets.
  • Public Company Listing Experience: Key Executives in the Company have decades of experience in listing and managing Companies on major stock exchanges in the US and Canada, and in some cases developing billion dollar market caps.



The Issues With Making Cocktails

  • The difficulty and inconvenience of making cocktails at home, hotel room, airplane, boat, or on the move, can be frustrating.
  • The average cocktail contains 3-5+ ingredients, and the quality of each is a critical part of a great cocktail.
  • Most home hosts do not possess the skill, time, or desire to stock and prepare cocktails.
  • Skilled precision in mixing, along with premium ingredients, are key to the perfect cocktail. The preparation can be very time consuming.
  • Post covid people prefer less human contact with the beverages that they consume.



Premium Cocktails for Convenience

  • Bamboozlers Bottled Cocktails are a convenient high quality solution.
  • They are quick, perfectly mixed, with consistent premium ingredients.
  • Most importantly, they allow for the consumption of cocktails in flexible settings!
  • Bamboozlers meet the immediate gratification requirement of consumers.

Just Add Rocks and Roll.™



Classic Cocktails Preferred by Consumers for Decades

We offer premium craft cocktails in a simple, affordable, and convenient method. Our drinks come in a variety of different flavors, all made with high-quality ingredients. These drinks appeal to everyone, and allow for a premium feel, while being exceptionally easy to prepare. All you have to do is add some ice!

We have a state-of-the-art production and bottling facility based in Missouri, which allows us to produce our beverages and then deploy them to customers across the United States. Combined with our attractive packaging, we are able to deliver our products to a wide variety of customers. 


Business Model

Dual Revenue Streams - B2B and B2C

The sales and marketing approach will focus on branding, product development and B2B distribution. Due to the recent changes in the market landscape and rapid proliferation of purchasing direct to the home, a consumer marketing campaign, integrating significant digital media strategies, is underway to accelerate immediate sales results direct to the consumer.



Key New Account Relationships

We have established several key relationships with established clients across various different industries. These relationships are key to developing our brand and promoting our product. We are continuing to build relationships in the hospitality, travel, and customer marketplace industries, among other various sectors. 

Bamboozler's also won the "Pentaward", a yearly international award that is judged by 12 highly reputable designers, for having the best packaging and branding. 

In 2018, the company organized and successfully sold more than 100,000 bottles in test marketing program through Southern Wine & Spirits and Direct Marketing Channels.

In 2020, we re-organized our product mix, improved quality, established a targeted marketing strategy, and built a team to ensure the success of the business.



RTD Cocktails Competing Sectors

The overall Ready-to-Drink industry is comprised of three sectors with distinctive differences and market characteristics.

Spirits-based, Ready-to-Drink (RTD) market sector is the domain of Bamboozlers Spirits, Inc. The beverages are provided in a single serving format and are designed to opened and served. In our case, we simply say Just Add Rocks and Roll. This sector is experiencing exceptional and sustained growth with IWSR reporting 100% growth from 2019 into 2020. Furthermore, Drizzly recently reported continued growth of 85% to-date in 2021. As a result of our Premium product offering in this rapidly growing sector, our positioning could not be more competitive.

Spirits-based, Ready-to-Serve (RTS) consist of larger serving sizes - usually 750ml. The format is utilized by manufacturers such as Campari for the pre-mixed cocktail, Negroni. This sector is less popular due to the rapid decline in product quality once the container is opened (especially with carbonated beverages).

The Hard Seltzer market sector was overpopulated in 2020 with a proliferation of new product by a plethora of different manufacturers. Despite the expansion in product offerings, this market sector was a dismal failure in 2020 with IWSR reporting a 12% decline in sales from 2019. In fact, companies like Sam Adams had to report early warning guidance due to the losses incurred in that sector.


The Hospitality Industry

Along with targeting the various facets of the hospitality industry, we are also directly selling to consumers via marketplaces such as grocery stores and other similar markets.

Company Vision

The answer is Premiumization!

Bamboozlers Spirits' premium quality and exclusivity is the key to establishing the Bamboozlers brand. The Company's offerings of classic cocktails have been the selections of choice by discerning pallets for more than 100 years. Why else would these premium beverages be welcome on the menus of elite hotels throughout the South Florida region once introduced?



Mark has operated as a financial professional for 30 years. A former Chartered Accountant with Price Waterhouse, Mr. Geoghegan, through his operating businesses, has developed a career of guiding developing companies from startup stages into thriving enterprises. He was the CFO of Uniglobe Travel International, Inc. which developed 1,100 franchised outlets internationally within a few years. Mark was also a very active part of the turnaround team in the high-tech company, MacDonald Dettwiler, which listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) during his tenure and now has a market capitalization of $1.6 Billion. Additionally, while Mark was the CFO of startup organization, TIR Systems, he brought the Company public to raise $2.1 million (the Company recently sold to Phillips for $70 Million). He has substantial experience in structuring and listing companies on stock exchanges in various venues throughout the world and substantive post-listing management experience, including financial management and reporting, business development, and investor relations activities. ♦


Jack A. Smith – Chairman of the Board, Bamboozlers Spirits, Inc.

Executive Experience: Founder of The Sports Authority, a large national sporting goods chain;
Chief Operating Officer Herman's Sporting Goods (NYSE); Chairman National Sporting Goods
Association and inducted into the 2016 National Sporting Goods Hall of Fame and NOVA
Southeastern University Entrepreneur Hall of Fame.

Directorships: Darden Restaurants, Inc., (NYSE) owns Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse,
Bahama Breeze, The Capital Grille and others - 15 years as Audit Committee Chairman; President
Diana Shops, Inc.; Chairman Fiesta Restaurant Group, Inc. (NASDAQ); Carrels Restaurants
Group (NASDQ) owns and operates over 1,000 Burger King restaurants and 55 Popeye's
restaurants; Beverage & More, Inc.; Bamboozlers Sprits, Inc. (Specialty Cocktails Manufacturer);
Whitehall Jewellers Inc. (NYSE); I-Trax, a large medical supply company; National Wholesale
Stores NYC.

Started his long executive experience with SEARS ROEBUCK and MONTGOMERY WARD -
National Retail Sales Manager (home entertainment products).

Reason on Board: His wealth of knowledge and experience in retail sales and building and
growing businesses from the ground up. Extensive board and IPO experience working with
management, lenders and investment bankers. Senior leadership experience in the consumer
products industry, international operations, strategic planning, and finance. ♦


Robert is a seasoned executive within the alcohol beverage industry. He has over 15 years of experience in the industry managing the marketing and advertising efforts for Pernod Ricard and Remy Martin. Mr. Kanter was the 3rd US employee for Remy Amerique; responsible for managing all wine marketing efforts in the United States. During his career, he successfully launched three startups, including a promotion agency working for Remy Martin, as well as the very successful Kanter HealthScience Communications, creating digital and interactive educational programs in the healthcare industry. He is a founding member of Kanter Spirits, the originator of the Bamboozlers brand and was instrumental in all aspects of building the Brand, including the test market rollout with Southern Wine Glazers. ♦


Jeremy is a great asset to Bamboozlers Spirits, Inc. Mr. Gilbert has focused the last
decade on the development of crafting great beverages. As the Head Brew Master at
Crown Valley Brewing and Distilling, Mr. Gilbert, a hands on operator in a large
commercial production facility has become an innovative creator of beverages that
have come to the forefront in our quickly evolving Spirits Industry. Mr. Gilbert has
developed specific expertise in blending the juices, flavors and ingredients that work
well together and maintains a focus upon innovation, cutting-edge drinks, flavors and
packaging poised to launch beverages to the head of the Industry. Educated with
degrees in management and economics from the University of Missouri-Columbia
followed with a specialized degree from the Siebel Institute of technology in brewing
science. Mr. Gilbert has established a “Ready to Drink Cocktail” consulting Company
to achieve his rightful place as a leading innovator in the industry. ♦


Michael is a tenured Sales & Marketing Executive, currently with Aimbridge Hospitality
a Hotel Management Company with 1,400 properties under management. Michael’s
career has spanned over 20 years with equal experience in large corporate hotel
companies and smaller privately held companies; both in hotel management and
branded real estate. Brands include Ritz-Carlton, Fairmont, Raffles, Auberge, Hyatt,
Wyndham, Viceroy, Tides, Trump, Nicklaus and others. Segmentation includes Urban
Hotels (Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, California) Resorts (Caribbean, Mexico, Florida, Asia)
to International Markets (Middle East, South America, Europe and Asia). A leader with
the ability to build, motivate and train a solid Sales and Marketing team. ♦


Lucien has over 40 years of experience in high profile celebrity and fashion designers
licensing, marketing, and luxury consumer product development. Over the years,
Lucien has been responsible for Licensing over 200 categories and multi billion
dollar sales worldwide. Lucien worked for Pierre Cardin from the early to the late 80’s
licensing Maxim’s Restaurant, Champagne and Spirits. Lucien is credited with
disrupting the licensing industry by using unconventional methods to market goods
through social media and brand ambassadors such as Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson,
Katy Perry, Adam Levine, Perry Ellis, and many others. Mr. Lallouz represents a
valuable resource for Bamboozlers co-branding, re-development of products and
acquisition opportunities. ♦

Investor Interest
Investors Interested34
Funding Interest So Far$87,121
Offering Terms
Funding Goal$10,000 - $250,000
Security TypeEquity
Min Investment$200
Max Investment$250,000
Closing DateJul 29, 2022 8:59 PM PDT
Investor Interest
Investors Interested34
Funding Interest So Far$87,121
Offering Terms
Funding Goal$10,000 - $250,000
Security TypeEquity
Min Investment$200
Max Investment$250,000
Closing DateJul 29, 2022 8:59 PM PDT

Offering Terms

Funding Goal
$10,000 - $250,000
Security Type
Min Investment
Max Investment
Closing Date
Jul 29, 2022 11:59 PM EDT

Investor Interest

Investors Interested
Funding Interest