Blue Jacket Movie

Blue Jacket drops you into a single day in the life of two students, Aaron and Zoe. With each choice, a different color jacketed version splits, and we follow in real time the alternate pathways as they criss-cross and impact those around them.

Blue Jacket Movie, LLC is considering raising capital through a Regulation Crowdfunding campaign to be conducted by Fundify Portal, LLC. We are running this “Test the Waters” campaign (branded by Fundify as a Fast Pitch Preview™) to gauge Investor interest and also determine the appropriate funding method. During this Test the Waters campaign, (1) no money or other consideration is being solicited, and if sent, will not be accepted; (2) no offer to buy the securities can be accepted and no part of the purchase price can be received until the offering statement is filed and only through Fundify's funding portal platform; and (3) a prospective purchaser's indication of interest is nonbinding.


Blue Jacket
is an award-winning, faith-based film that seeks to explore the life-changing power of a single choice.

“Ambitious and well stylized…Wonderfully handled plot, quickly engaging audience…”       

The script is complete...The budget is complete...The schedule is complete, with the major locations already locked down.

We are seeking investors who want to make a difference in today's media and cultural landscape by investing in a unique, original concept that will resonate with both the faith-based and main stream market places.  

With over 40 years of combined experience in the film and television industry with major studios such as Fox, NBC, HBO, MTV and WWE, our team has the proven "know-how" to successfully produce and complete an award-winning, marketable product.

Read on to learn more about this exciting film, our team, and why you should partner with us to make Blue Jacket the next great cinematic "must see!"


Cheap.... Cheesy.... Choices....

Problem #1 - Cheap
Faith-based content rarely secures a level of financing comparative to most secular main stream films. (...which is a bit ironic given the profit margins on this genre, but we will discuss that later). This lack of financing severely diminishes the development and production efforts on a film, such as: cast & talent selection, securing experienced crew members, state-of-the-art equipment and editing - ALL of which translate to the quality of the film presented on screen. The result is a lackluster product that deters the audience member from engaging in the film.  Subsequently, the quality of the film, or lack of, precludes outlets of distribution, which in turn limits the opportunities for monetization.  Summary - It takes money to make money... BUT with the proven ROI on faith-based films, why don't more people invest??? 

---> Leads us to problem #2.

Problem #2 - Cheesy
Majority of films that have been released under the faith-based banner tend to deliver their message on the surface. The approach is genuine; however, the concept is very simple and the dialogue far too often lacks authenticity and realism. The movie inevitably feels very "preachy" and "churchy" and the movie rarely makes it to a main stream market, where its message could impact a larger audience while delivering higher profitability.   Break-outs from this trend are the 'real life' stories like Heaven is for Real and Miracle from Heaven, which prove beyond a doubt that there is a hungry and LARGE audience craving unique and original uplifting transformational content.

---> Leading us to problem #3.

Problem #3 - Choices
We are bombarded with content - a constant stream of media is being pumped into us 24/7, relentlessly and unapologetically, through our TVs, our cell phones, our tablets, etc.  Most of today's main stream content has no morals or boundaries, is destructive, and preys upon our weaknesses, wants and desires, creating a culture of chaos.  And our youth have the most exposure, with the most to lose.  And they don't even realize how this constant media stream is harming them.  They willfully "scroll" for hours, distracted and desensitized, as their minds are being molded by the content.  The behaviors, the violence, the poor choices and compromising situations have all been normalized.  Transformational content that is validating, uplifting, and life-producing is desperately and urgently needed!  

---> Leading us to our SOLUTION!


A "Transformational Message" in a "Main Stream Product"

Our movie, Blue Jacket seeks to interrupt the destructive nature of main stream content with a unique and compelling story that shares a transformational and urgent message for such a time as this.

Our unique and complex story elevates the art of storytelling out of the typical 'faith-based' category.  In the realm of mind-bending stories, such as The Matrix, Inception, and the parallel multi-verses of Marvel, Blue Jacket presents a never-before-seen concept of following multiple alternate versions of the same character in real time.

This story allows us to explore the consequences of choices and how the rippling impact can play out in the lives of those around us.  Blue Jacket dives below the surface to confront real issues, such as cyber-bullying, drugs, sex and suicide, in a unique approach that presents the opportunity to deliver a message of hope, grace and redemption.

And with the proper financing, our team of experienced industry professionals will procure top-notch talent, resources and equipment to deliver a film of the utmost quality, in turn opening the door to the entire cycle of monetization of the film distribution market, including theatrical release, domestic and international Video-On-Demand (VOD) streaming outlets. 

A unique and captivating concept that can capitalize on both the "main stream" and "faith-based" audiences is positioned for maximum profit potential.


An Award-Winning Screenplay

As Alfred Hitchcock famously said, “To make a great film you need three things — the script, the script and the script.

Blue Jacket
 is an award-winning, full length feature film screenplay, recipient of Best Screenplay Award at Kingdomwood International Film Festival, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Blue Jacket
drops you into a single day in the life of two high schoolers, Aaron and Zoe.  With each choice, a different color jacketed version of themselves splits off, and we follow the alternate versions as they criss-cross and impact those around them. Ultimately all paths converge at a house party, and the alternate versions of Aaron and Zoe find themselves in completely different positions based on the choices they've made.  A single day forever changing their future. The film explores the consequences of choices, the guilt and regret, and how the ripple of impact plays out in the lives of those around us.

Blue Jacket is an urgent and timely story that speaks to all ages. 

Join us in bringing this award-winning story to the screen. Please take an active role in changing the landscape of our media, impacting the lives of our youth, bringing a message of Hope & Truth.

Business Model

"Below average" price tag for an "Above average" product!

We are seeking to raise the entire budget for the film through private equity investments.  This will allow us to control and protect, not only the content and message of the film, but also the length of return waterfall, avoiding any 3rd-party loan financing and related interest, positioning us for maximum profit participation. 

There's money out there for investment in faith-based content, but the portal or means to access these funds are limited.  The equity crowdsourcing model, as facilitated by Fundify, provides a direct-connect to those unique and numerous investors and is very effective for our size budget.

A low-budget model quickly becomes a balancing act and requires expertise in managing which budget lines can be reduced and which lines need protecting in order to yield the largest ROI.

We will safeguard Cast & Crew by allowing for "above union scale rates" to attract and secure talent, both in front and behind the camera, as well as Picture & Sound Quality by renting top-of-the-line sound and video equipment, including the use of Drone and Underwater cameras.
If either of those areas are compromised or neglected, the film's quality suffers, and the number of distribution streams gets reduced. 

Areas of the budget we are able to trim include: Locations, stemming from our "hometown connections", and "lower than scale rates" for writers, directors and producers.  These team members are already onboard and committed to the mission of the project.  

This combination allows for us to achieve a "below average" price-tag, but ensure an "above average" product.  A winning combination! 

Once the film is complete, we will direct-source through our existing distribution partners, who are aligned with pursuing main stream distribution across the entire cycle of monetization (theatrical release, VOD, etc.) both domestically and internationally.  We will concurrently enter the film festival circuit to generate industry buzz, award fever and buyer interest.

Unique Tax Incentives for investors in Motion Pictures:
  • IRS Tax Code Section 181 - any investment in a motion picture from passive income is 100% tax deductible, ...and able to be claimed in the same year, as opposed to recovering such costs over the useful life of the production. (recommend reviewing further with your Tax Accountant)


Faith-Based Films, "No longer a Novelty" ~ The LA Times

The popularity and marketability of faith-based films has skyrocketed to unprecedented heights solidifying the fact that it is not a flash-in-the-pan genre. It is here to stay. A formidable contender in the space, here to MAKE AN IMPACT on the entertainment industry! 

The faith-based market is so hot and lucrative that most major motion picture studios have implemented a "faith-based" division. Look at Affirm Films (Sony), Fox Faith (Fox), and Lightworkers Media (MGM). And the other major studios have attempted to capitalize on this audience by retelling epic stories from the Bible, including Noah (Paramount) and The Prince of Egypt (Dreamworks). But with mixed results. Their movies fell flat at the box office because they are not staying true to the message.

They're "Hollywood-izing" the biblical stories in an attempt to fabricate a big blockbuster hit and sell tickets, thinking if they add $50MM and a big name star to their project, it'll be an instant hit. The faith-based community is too smart to fall for all their bells and whistles.  Audiences want a message true to the foundation of Christ, wrapped in an original authentic story, as evident in their turnout for I can only Imagine to the tune of $83.5 million — only $1.6 million short of the 2018 Best Picture Oscar winner Green Book.

Audiences want films that are going to promote hope and truth in their lives and the lives of their youth - not the continued destruction, distraction and desensitization of today's film and media content. That is why the faith-based genre is one of the Top 3 grossing genres of Independent films, alongside Horror and Documentaries.

As noted in MovieMaker article - Box-Office Prophets: The Rise of the Faith-Based Film Industry, "...films Fireproof and Courageous, both of which were made for a few million dollars or less... made $30-40 million in theaters alone.....God’s Not Dead made $8.6 million during its first weekend in theaters, opposite X-Men: Days of Future Past, and by June 2014 had made $64 million. Its budget was only $2 million."

....and then there's the unparalleled success of The Chosen series, the very first episodic series about Jesus, completely crowdfunded, reaching over 311MM views and over $70 million in revenue. 

This success also highlights the 'evergreen' quality of faith-based films.  A film with a message is always relevant, never fading, extending the life in the market place, and therefore extending its profitability timeline.

People are craving films with stories that have a powerful transformational message.  Blue Jacket has that message. It tackles head-on important, life-altering issues that we face each day, attempting to provide insight on how to navigate through difficult circumstances, all the while entertaining you. 

People are craving the message!  A message rooted in Christ.

Company Vision

Mission Statement

A team of like-minded, Christ-centered, industry professionals who have joined forces to change the cultural landscape, transforming and taking back the mountains of media and entertainment for Christ.

It is our primary goal to develop and present each project with excellence, honesty and integrity, bringing thought provoking material to the page and screen for more than just entertainment. We seek to produce projects that transform and impact people's lives, revealing a message of truth behind each story, as if weaving gold into fine linen.

Blue Jacket is the first movie of a slate of 12 incredible projects, including features, episodics and a sit-com, that we plan to produce and release in the next 5+ years.

As highlighted, there is a huge faith-based market, and they are fierce supporters of the message.

We are calling out to the like-minded believers who are fed up with the destructive content being instilled in our young adults and who want to make a difference.  Spirit-led people who see what the Lord is doing with these projects and want to be apart of sharing His message. 

  • We are plugged into a network of large churches, from coast-to-coast, who will display and support our Campaign.
  • We are connected with social media influencers with followers in excess of 4MM who will display and support our projects.
  • We have the support of our hometown of New Albany, Indiana, the local press and community where Blue Jacket will be filmed. 
  • We plan to promote, boost and share on Facebook, Tik-Tok, Instagram, and LinkedIn with all of our industry and professional contacts and connections.


Kevin & Maria O'Bryan are the founders of First Fruits Entertainment, and are the creators and award-winning writers of Blue Jacket.

MARIA O'BRYAN (Co-writer & Director) began her career as an actress, performing on various television shows such as E.R., Law & Order, working opposite the industry's "cream of the crop", from John Wells to Ed Sherin. In addition to her many television and extensive NYC stage credits, she also performed in various independent feature films. Maria stepped into the role of Director with a number of Off-Off Broadway plays, including Screwtape Letters at The Mint Theater,  where she met her husband Kevin. Maria is known as an "actor's director", able to develop and draw out the actor's finest and most authentic performance.  

KEVIN O'BRYAN (Co-writer & Director) also began his career as an actor performing on numerous television shows and NYC stage productions, which in turn led to Directing, Producing and Screenwriting. Kevin's other areas of expertise come from an extensive background as an Executive Project Manager overseeing complex projects with budgets as high as $500MM. He also carries with him degrees in Architecture and Environmental Design, with a focus on Set Design and Screenwriting.

MARIA & KEVIN  are multi-award winning Writers, Directors & Producers, most recently recipients of a Best Screenplay award for their feature length film, BLUE JACKET at KIFF in Atlanta. Their short film, KING'S HEART, distributed by Bridgestone Multimedia Group (BMG), received numerous awards and recognition on the film festival circuit, including: Award of Merit, Viewer's Choice, and Mission Excellence. They currently have numerous film and television projects in various stages of development, including a full length animation. Together, they continue to develop unique and meaningful content bringing a message of hope and truth to the masses.

Production Partners:

Nick Agneto
- (Production Supervisor) is bringing his years of production team experience working with major networks such as Martha Stewart, HBO, MTV, Sesame Street, and WWE, ensuring the above-the-line talent, set operations and logistics flow seamlessly, and all supporting services are coordinated properly.

Mark Legein
- (Production Manager, 1st AD) with over 20 years experience as Director for a major television network in NYC, will be managing workflow of the below-the-line crews, ensuring the camera, sound and lighting talent are in sync.

Gian-Carlo Ochoa
- (Associate Producer) a business and production executive, most recently an Executive Producer on the documentary Emanuel, currently streaming on Netflix, Starz and Hulu, is supporting the financial structure and agreements for the film.

David Carraturo 
- (Associate Producer) a Wall Street professional, established Producer and noted Author of the Columbus Avenue Boys trilogy, is managing the business operations of the production, helping to secure talent and distribution.

Investor Interest
Investors Interested30
Funding Interest So Far$148,720
Offering Terms
Funding Goal$250,000 - $3,800,000
Security TypeEquity
Min Investment$100
Max Investment$3,800,000
Closing DateJul 1, 2022 8:59 PM PDT
Investor Interest
Investors Interested30
Funding Interest So Far$148,720
Offering Terms
Funding Goal$250,000 - $3,800,000
Security TypeEquity
Min Investment$100
Max Investment$3,800,000
Closing DateJul 1, 2022 8:59 PM PDT

Offering Terms

Funding Goal
$250,000 - $3,800,000
Security Type
Min Investment
Max Investment
Closing Date
Jul 1, 2022 11:59 PM EDT

Investor Interest

Investors Interested
Funding Interest