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A book publishing company dedicated to shedding light on purposeful movements around the world through fiction and non-fiction.

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SKD Publishing LLC is considering raising capital through a Regulation Crowdfunding campaign to be conducted by Fundify Portal, LLC. We are running this “Test the Waters” campaign (branded by Fundify as a Fast Pitch Preview™) to gauge Investor interest and also determine the appropriate funding method. During this Test the Waters campaign, (1) no money or other consideration is being solicited, and if sent, will not be accepted; (2) no offer to buy the securities can be accepted and no part of the purchase price can be received until the offering statement is filed and only through Fundify's funding portal platform; and (3) a prospective purchaser's indication of interest is nonbinding.


SKD Publishing L.L.C is a publishing company dedicated to publishing books that shed light on purposeful movements, through fiction and non-fiction books. Our goal is to amplify insightful and impactful messages as portrayed by writers who have the goal of using their books for change in the spheres that they aim to. The book publishing industry is that with a wide range of content narratives. At SKD Publishing, ours is centred around activism, awareness and education.

We are raising $1m as seed capital.  Our valuation cap is $5m. (This is a fast pitch preview so it isn't currently indicated in the Offering Terms Column). All company filing documents will also be available to view in full once the campaign officially launches and you can look over them before completing your investment. If you reserve a spot now, you'll be contacted once the campaign goes live to complete your investment. 

Key Reasons to invest in SKD Publishing

- The market opportunity for a niche publishing company focusing on activism and social impact has never been more ripe. The narrative resonates with people and establishing presence globally won't be tasking, making SKD Publishing well patterned for fast growth. 
-  It's far beyond the idea stage and the inaugural product is ready. The product has received positive reviews from well versed book critics. We also have a significantly long email list of people who have asked to be notified when the inaugural book is out. This is an accurate measure of intent of payment and market validation. 
- We have signed an Advertising Partnership with The New York Times to distribute our inaugural book's promotional material. We will also have other global media houses as advertising partners that give our marketing campaigns advanced reach to millions around the world. 
- The team has quality experience and knowledge in their fields with a good majority having worked with trailblazing multinationals.


World issues and social issues don't have enough awareness around them.​

No media companies amplify purposeful movements effectively.
When really bad things happen, it's everywhere. But, what about the build up? The media doesn't record or share the answers to 'How did we get here?' People need to be educated and aware of that.


How it works​



Books that shed light on deserving world movements.​

The books will lead pivotal conversations and enable readers to have more knowledge about resonating movements.  Yearly, SKD Publishing will acquire at least 12 new titles.

Merging Activism with Storytelling​

In order to champion this niche, SKD Publishing aims to excellently merge activism on various issues with storytelling through its books. This will be a key guideline in manuscripts selection.

Our First Title, EVOLVE.

SKD Publishing's inaugural book, EVOLVE is a non-fiction book  that explores the connection between human behaviour and the quality of our world. It explores topics such as mental health, effects of social media as well as racial and gender inequality. 

The message the book intends to pass across is: We will first have to change ourselves before we can change the world.

The book was given to a group of well-versed book critics for their reviews and will officially be released to launch this book publishing company. A mock-up of the book's cover has been placed below.

We are excited to have this fantastic body of work to lay the perfect foundation for the values that SKD Publishing intends to emulate.

EVOLVE sets the perfect pace for the strong voice SKD Publishing wants to hone to back other movements worthy of support through the awareness and education provided by future Authors.

Business Model

Trade Book Publishing


What do people think of what we have to offer?​


Others in the Game

For our current niche of publishing, there is no one doing it right and championing it. Although we do have indirect competitors who are top global publishers with successful imprints.

They are indirect competitors because they have resources to immediately enter a new market with competence and expertise. 
Although, the full potential of our niche market can only be be explored fully with a niche publishing company that has social impact publishing as a focus. That's us.

Advertising Partnerships and emotional connection with customers are great.
But, what will enable us to make a mark from the start?
First Movers Advantage in Metaverse Book Marketing
All industries need to get prepared for the future of the internet, the metaverse.
SKD Publishing plans to position itself for the future of connecting with customers.

SKD Publishing's books will be promoted using metaverse experiences where virtual realities will be created to depict the inspiration behind our books and the message the authors are trying to pass across. It will be specially curated for potential readers to explore this world as characters and have them experience the world issues our writers aim to shed light on.


The Book Publishing Industry

750.9 million - Unit sales of print books in 2020.

The global books market size was valued at USD 132.1 billion in 2020.

It is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.4% from 2021 to 2028. 

How did Technology leave its mark?

Readers getting their books delivered digitally is getting more 
popular.E-books are getting more interest so, what does that mean for print book culture? 

Well, print books still outsell e-books and although digital media has disrupted other industries such as news publishing and the music business, people still love to own physical books, according to Meryl Halls, managing director of the Booksellers’ Association in the U.K.

Resolutions and Predictions.​

The very core of the book publishing industry is very strong. Readers 
love stories and how they engage with their favourite works can be determined industry trends and lifestyle choices. It's best for publishing companies to utilize multi-channel publishing and make sure their products are available on a large range of platforms. 

Company Vision

Merging Activism and Storytelling​

In order to champion this niche of publishing, SKD Publishing aims to excellently merge activism and storytelling. This will be a key guideline in manuscripts selection. Our niche in publishing is targeted towards digitally connected people that discuss world issues and social movements online.

1. Books are published
             2. Readers buy and the content of the book sparks an in-depth conversation, a global      conversation starts on how these issues affect the lives of people and the quality of our world.  
              3. As a company whose values include genuine activism, SKD Publishing will be supporting  NGOs and initiatives that work to  execute solutions concerning  social issues 
     highlighted in our books. This will be achieved through our philanthropic arm,
                                                         THE SKD WAY Foundation.

There is a lot going on in the world. A lot that needs attention, a lot that needs support and a lot that needs more light shed on it. These are various movements that have the potential of mending our world. Filling in the gap created by inequality, the gap created by injustice and anything that makes our world warped, this is what purposeful movements can achieve with the required resources.

That’s what we are here for. Publishing authors who have messages inspired from deeply rooted issues with put light on these movements and give them all the power to execute the needful.

We are SKD Publishing.


Investor Interest
Investors Interested4
Funding Interest So Far$30,500
Offering Terms
Funding Goal$25,000 - $1,000,000
Security TypeDebt
Min Investment$50
Max Investment$1,000,000
Valuation Cap$0
Closing DateJul 30, 2022 8:59 PM PDT
Investor Interest
Investors Interested4
Funding Interest So Far$30,500
Offering Terms
Funding Goal$25,000 - $1,000,000
Security TypeDebt
Min Investment$50
Max Investment$1,000,000
Valuation Cap$0
Closing DateJul 30, 2022 8:59 PM PDT

Offering Terms

Funding Goal
$25,000 - $1,000,000
Security Type
Min Investment
Max Investment
Closing Date
Jul 30, 2022 11:59 PM EDT

Investor Interest

Investors Interested
Funding Interest