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New OpportunitiesInvesting in private companies like Startups used to be open only to wealthy people who qualify as “accredited Investors.” Thanks to Regulation Crowdfunding, almost anyone can join the hunt for unicorns. (Investing in Startups is risky. You may multiply your money or lose it completely.)
Startups Through the Eyes of ExpertsAt Fundify, qualified Startups may be reviewed by industry Experts in addition to our internal reviews. And funding campaign pages provide helpful information for your own due diligence.
Open to AllYou can open an account for free with no obligation to invest. When you’re ready, you can invest with as little as $10 and no Investor fees.

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Smaller Amounts in More OpportunitiesAccording to an independent study, the most successful angel Investors commit smaller amounts to a large number of Startups to increase the chance of investing in a future unicorn. Fundify aims to bring a diverse group of interesting investment opportunities to the market.
Invest for the Long-TermStartup investing is a long-term strategy. Plan to hold these investments for at least one year and more likely 5+ years.
How to Get StartedCreate an account and Investor profile. Check out funding campaigns, ask questions on discussion boards and read comments from our Experts. As you find Startups that match your investment strategy, our “1-ClickTM Invest” process makes it simple for you to become an Investor.

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