What Is the Fundify Industry Expert Network?

The Fundify Industry Expert Network includes independent, accredited Investors with expertise and background in specific industries.

Members of the Fundify Expert Network ("Experts") may advise a Startup ("Issuer") as they prepare to list a funding campaign offering on Fundify by reviewing the Startup’s business model, competitive landscape, positioning, team, timing and/or other key elements found in the Startup's funding campaign offering details, investment terms and conditions, and related information in their Form C filing.

Note that any and all information provided by a Startup to an Expert will be the exact same information available to any and all other Investors on the Fundify Portal website. The information provided to an Expert via the Fundify Portal site will be the same as found in the company overview information, all funding campaign offering details, investing terms and conditions, and information that may be found in a Startup's ("Issuer’s") Form C, on file with the SEC prior to any offering going live.

A member of the Fundify Expert Network may review and possibly comment on a Startup's offering in a Discussion Board. If so, the Expert will be identified as such in the Discussion Board posts and you'll see whether or not they are a Paid Promoter or an Investor in a specific Issuer's offering.

Also, members of the Fundify Expert Network may invest in a Startup offering they have previously reviewed. If so, it will be under the same terms and conditions in the Issuer’s published funding campaign terms and conditions and as disclosed in the offering and related Form C. Anyone who invests in a particular Startup ("Issuer") funding campaign ("Offering") will be designated as an Investor with a visible tag, including Experts.

IMPORTANT : Every Investor should always conduct their own independent research before investing in any offering, and should not rely on the opinion or views of others, including Experts.