Investor Education

This Investor Education section is intended to provide you with important information about investing through our Funding Portal. Before investing, you should carefully review and understand this information. If you don’t understand something or have a question, please contact us via email at

This section is intended to help explain:

  • What we do, and how we do it.
  • The process for buying securities through our Funding Portal.
  • The limitations on the amounts you may invest.
  • Your right to cancel your investment commitment.
  • The circumstances in which the Startup (also called the "Issuer," which is a company raising money on our Funding Portal) may cancel your investment commitment.
  • The risks associated with investing in the securities sold through our Funding Portal.
  • The kinds of securities that may be offered on our Funding Portal and some of the risks associated with each type.
  • Restrictions on your right to sell securities you purchase on our Funding Portal.
  • The information Startups are required to disclose to you, and when and how often you can expect such information.
  • Our relationship with the Startups on our Funding Portal, including information about the compensation we will receive from them.

Review articles in this section to learn about these points.

We expect to update this material from time to time.