Are any businesses restricted from raising funds on Fundify?

We’re eager to help businesses in a wide variety of industries raise the capital needed to grow. However, some businesses are restricted from using our platform for legal or policy reasons. See the types of restricted businesses below in a nonexhaustive list that may be updated at any time.

Restricted Businesses & Products (Nonexhaustive)


Products or services that infringe on existing intellectual property or proprietary rights Software, electronics, medical devices, movies, music and other items that infringe on existing property that is protected by patents, copyrights, trademarks, industrial designs and trade secrets.
Political parties, PACs and affiliated advocacy groups Any business or group that works toward the success or failure of a political party, political policies, candidate for partisan political office or partisan political group.
Counterfeit or unauthorized goods Unauthorized sale of designer or brand name items as well as imitation, replica and look-alike goods fraudulently sold as the genuine item including but not limited to electronics, clothing, shoes, handbags, cosmetics and mechanical parts.
Banking or investment companies Financial institutions, lenders, real estate investments, insurance companies, mortgage brokers, mortgage consultants, securities brokers, money service companies, money transfer companies, credit counseling, debt reduction services, credit repair companies, collection agencies and bail bonds.
Virtual currencies or stored value Virtual currency that can be used to purchase digital or physical goods or services, stored credits that can be sold to and used by others, cryptocurrency mining equipment, initial coin offerings, digital wallets, and other types of unregulated virtual money.
Gambling and casinos of any type Gambling services, apps or sites; lotteries; sports betting or forecasting including fantasy sports that include a cash prize; online gaming; sweepstakes; and contests that require a buy-in.
Video game currencies or virtual goods exchanges In-game currencies, credits, points or virtual goods earned in a video game or other virtual environment.
Regulated or illegal products or services Pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter medicines, tobacco, e-cigarettes, vape-related products, age-restricted products, weapons, munition, fireworks, fake IDs, products for which restrictions vary by state, and any illegal products or services.
Illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia Recreational drugs, illegal drugs, and any device or accessory that enables the use or concealment of illegal drugs. For example, bongs, roach clips, pipes, related guidebooks and similar materials.
Adult content and services Pornography, sexually explicit material, depictions of nudity or sexual acts, material related to violence, and similar content. Escort services; sexually focused dating services; and any programs or stores -- physical or online -- that sell, rent, trade or promote any of these materials.
Human or labor trafficking

Any products or services related to the sale, lease or trade of humans for sex or any labor that does not abide by U.S. labor laws.

Get-rich-quick predatory schemes

Businesses or investments that promise high returns in a short period of time or use deceptive, unfair practices.

Pseudo pharmaceuticals

Nutraceuticals, cannabis, products for which a health claim is made without having the applicable regulatory approval, and other compounds or formulations regulated by the FDA’s interstate commerce rules. 

If you’re unsure how these policies apply to your business, contact us