How do I show team members in my funding campaign?

The strength of a Startup team is a critical success factor, and potential Investors want to know about the team you’ve attracted. Here’s how to showcase your team in your funding campaign.


Which Team Members Should I Show?

Include any team member that you’d like Investors to know about. You’re also required by the SEC to include officers, board members and anyone who owns 20% or more of the company.

We recommend adding your leadership team, technical experts, marketing pros and any other team members that help differentiate your company. Also include board members whose backgrounds add value to your investment opportunity. 


Where Will Team Member Information Show?

The team members you add will show under the Team tab within your campaign. Potential Investors will see their name, title and photo. 

We encourage you to share more information about team members on your pitch page. Simply add that content (photos, titles, highlights of the value they bring to your company) on your pitch page. Many Startups choose to include team descriptions as the final item on that page, but you can choose the placement that’s best for your company.


How Do I Add Team Members?

Follow these simple steps.

  1. Log into Fundify. 
  2. On your Startup Dashboard, look for the section labeled “Team.”
  3. Click “Add Team Member” for each person you’d like to show. 
  4. On the input screen, complete the fields, upload a photo of the person and click “Add Team Member.”

We’ll automatically email the team member an invitation to join. The invited team member needs to click the link in the email and join Fundify with a free account to accept this invitation. (Note that we do not copy or blind copy others on this email.)

Once team members accept the invitation, they may change their photo or the way their name is listed. If you do not want them to do so, use the “custom message” field in the invitation to let them know. 

Until team members accept the invitation, they will not appear under your Team tab in the campaign. You will, however, see them in the admin pages with account access set to “Invited.”


Can I Edit or Delete a Team Member?

Once team members have been invited, you can no longer edit their information; however, they can do so after accepting the invitation. 

As the campaign owner, you can delete team members as needed. To do so, go to your company profile, view the team section and click the pencil icon near the team member’s name. In the pop-up box, click “Remove Team Member.”


What Type of Photo Should I Add for Team Members?

We recommend using a style of photo that fits your brand personality and is consistent across all team member photos. Are you in the medical field? Professional attire may communicate the right message. Have you created the next big video game? Casual attire may fit better.

Your LinkedIn profile photo may be ideal, especially if it was professionally taken.

In most cases, you’ll want to use quality color photos that focus on each person’s face. On Fundify, team photos are shown as a square with rounded edges so choose a photo that looks good in that frame. Photos must be at least 400 x 400 pixels and no more than 2 MB in size.

Team members appear in the order in which they were loaded. It’s recommended that you first load the Founder & CEO(s) and then add team members in the order you’d like Investors to see them.


Who Can Edit the Funding Campaign (Team Permissions)?

Anyone with “owner” account access can edit company or campaign information. Initially, this access is only given to the person who creates the account; however, the owner can give others this access, too. 

Team levels and permissions:


Can edit company and campaign information, change permissions for other team members and delete team members. Person is included under the Teams tab.


Cannot edit company or campaign information. Person is included under the Teams tab.


Cannot edit any information. Is not included under the Teams tab until invitation has been accepted.