What We Don't Do

In accordance with SEC rules, we don't:

  • offer investment advice or recommendations
  • guarantee any specific investment outcome
  • talk with Investors about the merits of a specific company or offering

Our Relationship with Startups (Issuers)

Issuers will pay us to be in our Marketplace. They might pay us flat fees, commissions based on the amount of money they raise or in other ways. They might also pay us for specified services we provide to them and reimburse us for expenses we incur on their behalf. For each offering you invest in, we will disclose our compensation.

In some cases, an Issuer might pay us in whole or in part with its own securities, e.g. , with its own promissory note. This will always be the same class of security that is being offered to Investors on our Platform. For example, if the Issuer is offering common stock to Investors, only common stock could be used for our compensation in addition to cash payment, if applicable).

We will never own any financial interest in Issuers listed on our Funding Portal other than securities we receive from them as compensation.

When an offering is complete, we might or might not have an ongoing relationship with the Issuer. The Issuer may decide to use our Funding Portal to raise money in the future or use services provided by (and pay compensation to) entities affiliated with us.

Communication Channels

We will maintain online communications channels – chat rooms, basically – where you can communicate with other Investors and with the Issuer. All discussions on the chat rooms will be open to the public, but only Investors who have registered with us are allowed to post. Representatives of the Issuer, and anyone engaged in promoting the offering, must clearly identify themselves as such. The chat room is where you can ask questions about investment opportunities that interest you.

We generally aren’t allowed to participate in the chat room, except to establish guidelines and remove potentially abusive or fraudulent content.