What We Do

We are a “Funding Portal.”  We are registered with the SEC and with FINRA to act as an intermediary in Securities that are offered and sold under Title III.

While similar, being a funding portal isn’t the same as being a registered “broker-dealer.”  We are not a registered broker-dealer.

Think of us as a Marketplace, or a shopping mall, bringing together companies and Investors. When you invest, you are not investing in us or in any entity affiliated with us. You are investing in a third-party business that has chosen to raise money using our Marketplace.

As an intermediary, or Marketplace, we do not guarantee any particular outcome and are not responsible for what happens to your investment – all investments are undertaken at your own risk. We also do not guarantee the accuracy of the information you receive from Issuers. Our role is to facilitate investments and help ensure that transactions between Investors and Issuers meet legal requirements.

What We Do

  • Select which Issuers to list on our Platform, by among other things:
    • Conducting background checks on the Issuer and its principals
    • Conducting due diligence to have a reasonable basis for believing the Issuer is complying with all its obligations
    • Conducting due diligence to have a reasonable basis for believing the Issuer has established a means to keep accurate records of the holders of its securities
  • Advise Issuers about their offerings and help prepare offering documents
  • Screen Investors to ensure that they satisfy applicable per-investor limits (see Limits on How Much You May Invest )
  • Provide communication channels between you and the Issuer, and between you and other potential Investors, where you can ask questions and exchange information. You'll find this within each campaign offering on the discussion board.
  • Provide search functions or other tools for Investors
  • Provide you with educational materials to help you assess the risks of investing in this asset class (that's this section)
  • Keep records of Investor communications and materials