What will I get when I invest?

When you invest on Fundify using our 1-Click Invest™ process, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to your secure Fundify portfolio. There, you can view the:

  • dollar amount of your commitment,
  • price of the securities you committed to buy,
  • name of the Startup (“Issuer”), and
  • date and time by which you may cancel your commitment.

When a campaign closes (either by reaching the offering deadline or selling out before that time), we will email you a confirmation of the transaction. Within your Fundify portfolio, you can always see the:

  • date of the transaction;
  • type, price and number of securities you’re buying; and
  • number and price of securities the Startup sold in this round. 

You will receive an electronic annual report from the Startup and you may receive additional interim information and updates from them as well.

If you commit to invest in a Startup but it does not reach its minimum funding target, your investment will be canceled and your committed funds will be returned to you, using the same form of payment as your original investment. Fund America of Prime Trust is Fundify’s partner for receiving, escrowing, disbursing and, if necessary, refunding investments.