How is Fundify different from others?

The Fundify funding portal gives you tremendous advantages:

  • Less Time Required of Founder – Rather than having to interface with many advisors across the country, our qualified Startups are paired with a Fundify Expert to ignite their traction.

  • Faster Fundraising Process – The Fundify approach offers a time-efficient, 4- to 12-week path for successfully raising capital, depending on each Startup’s readiness (e.g., having a business plan, executive summary, pitch deck, pro forma budget).

  • Sophisticated Engineering – Our proprietary software is designed to simplify and accelerate the funding campaign process for Startups. We’re integrating partner APIs that streamline the process of creating and managing a funding campaign so that you can focus on growing your business.

  • Greater Access – Our systems scale to give you greater access to Regulation Crowdfunding under the SEC rules that took effect in 2021. Whether you’re raising capital or investing in Startups, Regulation Crowdfunding can now help you meet bigger goals.