Are any businesses restricted from raising funds on Fundify?

We’re eager to help businesses in a wide variety of industries raise the capital needed to grow. However, some businesses are restricted from using our platform for legal or policy reasons. In general, restricted businesses include:

  • Products or services that infringe on existing intellectual property or proprietary rights;
  • Any business that does not respect the dignity and innate value of people;
  • Political parties, PACs and affiliated advocacy groups;
  • Counterfeit or unauthorized goods;
  • Banking or investment companies;
  • Virtual currencies or stored value;
  • Gambling and casinos of any type;
  • Video game currencies or virtual goods exchanges;
  • Regulated or illegal products or services;
  • Illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia;
  • Adult content and services;
  • Human or labor trafficking;
  • Get-rich-quick predatory schemes;
  • Pseudo pharmaceuticals.