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What does it mean when a funding campaign is at or above 100%?

Companies raising through equity crowdfunding are required to establish both a target raise (aka, minimum or initial) and a maximum raise amount. Both are shown within the offering terms section on the campaign pages.

The minimum is the amount that must be raised in order for the company to accept the investments and successfully close the campaign -- either on the campaign deadline or when the maximum target is met. It is typically set at $25,000 or $50,000 depending on the company’s prior level of fundraising.

If the minimum is not met before the campaign deadline, the campaign is canceled and any committed funds must be returned to Investors. 

Once the minimum is met, companies may conduct a “rolling close” to receive that amount and apply it toward executing their plans.

When you see a campaign with "progress" at or above 100%, you know that this campaign is on track to close successfully. You can still invest as long as the campaign has not reached the maximum target shown in the offering terms.