Investors Knowledge Base

User suspension policy

Fundify Portal LLC (“Fundify”) values every member of its community; unfortunately, at times Fundify may make the decision to suspend a user at our sole discretion when that user exhibits behavior that Fundify views to be inconsistent with its values. Examples of conduct that may result in suspension include but are not limited to:

  1. Any type of hate speech
  2. Discrimination against another user in any form including but not limited to race, gender, sex, ethnicity, religion. 
  3. Multiple canceled investments for insufficient funds without rectification within five (5) business days. 
    Note: As always you have the right to cancel your investment anytime before 48 hours prior to the closing date of the campaign. However, you must do so via our platform and not as the result of insufficient funds.
  4. Providing Fundify with false or misleading information.
  5. Malicious or intrusive use of the Fundify web-app or associated systems.
  6. Attempting to contact Startups/Issuers directly outside of the Fundify web-app to attempt direct investment, thereby circumventing the FINRA-regulated process. Or otherwise solicit or sell to the Startup/Issuer for any purpose.
  7. Behavior that Fundify believes to be detrimental to Fundify's operations or membership of FINRA.

Fundify may also review and restore a user at its sole discretion.