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How do I know if my concept, idea or existing business is a good candidate for equity crowdfunding?

Equity crowdfunding can benefit a wide range of Startups. Our platform process matches Startups with industry Experts to gain wisdom from their experience.

The Opportunity
Is your business one that a wide range of individuals can understand quickly? Are you able to show the market opportunity and your company’s edge clearly? Are you able to tell your story in an engaging, concise way that helps build your crowd of followers? Crowds are attracted to Startups with big potential as well as those with a compelling mission.

Does your business already have a loyal customer or fan base? Current followers who already know the value or your product or service may be interested in taking a financial interest in your company’s success.

Do you have a business plan and two years’ worth of financials to post online? 

Costs & Caps
Crowdfunding can be a cost-effective way to raise capital, but make sure your Startup can afford the normal legal, regulatory and finance-related filing expenses required by the SEC.

Does the amount of capital allowed in a crowdfunding raise meet your current needs? Your company can raise up to $5 million through Reg CF campaigns within a 12-month period.