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Are there any advertising restrictions for my campaign?

Yes, the SEC regulates advertising for Regulation Crowdfunding campaigns. 

In short, no funding-related advertising is allowed before Form C has been filed except if you’re running a “test the waters” campaign, which we call a Fast Pitch Preview™.

After Form C has been filed, use provable, factual statements to promote your offering. Your outreach may include terms or nonterms, but not both in the same communications.

Terms include the items you see in the "Offering Terms" section on a campaign's pitch page. Some examples include the amount of money you’re raising, the closing date and minimum investment amount.

Nonterms include the story of your company, your differentiators, your team, etc. Always link to your campaign page on Fundify. 

Within your campaign pages on Fundify, you may share information with potential Investors and answer questions as long as you are identified as a company representative. Any paid promoters who engage on your campaign’s discussion board must also be identified as such.

Never state that the SEC has approved your offering, only that Form C has been filed with the SEC.