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Are there any advertising restrictions for my campaign?

Yes, the SEC and FINRA regulate advertising for Regulation Crowdfunding campaigns. 

In short, no funding-related advertising is allowed before Form C has been filed. 

After Form C has been filed, use provable, factual statements to promote your offering. This may include offering terms (including the amount of securities being offered, price of securities and closing date), factual information about your company (name, address, phone, website, email and a brief description) and a link to your campaign on Fundify. Or, you may share company-related information (your story) with a link to the campaign without mentioning terms. Certain campaign updates are allowed (ex: xx Investors so far, $xxk raised so far) but those messages cannot include details about offering terms.

Within your campaign pages on Fundify, you may share information with potential Investors and answer questions as long as you are identified as a company representative. Any paid promoters who engage on your campaign’s discussion board must also be identified as such.

Never state that the SEC has approved your offering, only that Form C has been filed with the SEC.