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About FundifyFundify is a tech-driven equity crowdfunding marketplace that enables anyone to invest in next-gen Startups alongside industry Experts. We simplify Startup funding by pairing Startups with an Expert in their field and leveraging on-demand analytics and time-saving APIs.
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Tech-Driven Startup Works to Solve the Labor Shortage in the U.S. Construction Industry

Work4Workers Opens Funding Campaign on FundifyDecember 20, 2021

Sept. 29, 2021


AUSTIN, TEXAS -- A new startup called Work4Workers aims to solve the U.S. construction market’s labor shortage, a problem that plagues 89 percent of contractors, according to the Associated General Contractors of America. Work4Workers is building a full-mobile solution that connects contractors and skilled laborers efficiently and safely. The company is offering the public an opportunity to invest through its equity crowdfunding campaign on

“We’re at an unprecedented time where companies are struggling to find qualified people to hire while people are struggling to find work,” explains Phil Pompa, CEO of Work4Workers. “This issue has real consequences because it means that people can’t earn a steady income and companies miss deadlines. The market has needed a tech-based tool to solve this problem for a long time, and Covid made the need even more urgent.”

The bilingual Work4Workers marketplace is being brought to the market by a team of Latino entrepreneurs with deep experience in the construction, technology and recruiting industries. Three founding team members are graduates of the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative and are active in the Latino Action Business Network with which they conducted much of the customer research for the new marketplace.

“The current approaches for finding work and filling short-term positions in the construction industry are inefficient and often ineffective. Even today’s digital tools miss the mark,” says Pompa. “When a company asks an electrician or a mason for their LinkedIn profile or email address, it shows that they don’t understand this market.”

Work4Workers is raising capital to fund the next stage of product development. Almost anyone in the United States can invest in this startup through the equity crowdfunding campaign open on Fundify.

“This funding campaign enables everyday investors to be part of a company that’s using technology to solve a big problem in the construction market, which is valued above $1 trillion a year,” says Josh Chodniewicz, CEO of Fundify, Inc. “It also gives people the chance to invest in a minority-founded company.”

Potential investors can learn more about Work4Workers at


About Fundify

Fundify is a tech-driven equity crowdfunding marketplace that enables almost anyone to invest in next-gen startups alongside industry experts. We simplify startup funding by pairing startups with industry experts in their respective fields and leveraging on-demand analytics and time-saving APIs.

Fundify is the brand name of a group of companies that is owned by Fundify, Inc., which includes Fundify Portal, LLC. Fundify Portal, LLC is an SEC-registered funding portal and member of FINRA. Fundify Portal, LLC offers investments to everyone 18 years of age or older under Title III, Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF). Investing involves the risk of loss. Investments may be illiquid, and there may not be a secondary market to sell any particular investment.

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