About Us

We’re surrounded by entrepreneurs with big ideas that can solve problems in new ways. But they need access to capital to bring those ideas to life. Now that U.S. law allows most of us to invest in private companies, people are paying attention to the success of Angel Investors who get in early on Startups that make it big. Think Uber, Airbnb and Facebook among others.

Today with Fundify, you can become an Angel Investor with as little as $10 per deal. And while investing in this asset class carries risks, we believe it can be an important part of a balanced investment strategy.

In 1996, Josh Chodniewicz had a great idea for a new online art business. Soon, he needed capital for his promising Startup. He learned the hard way how time consuming and difficult it can be to raise funds even with a powerful business, especially if you don’t know the right people in your field.

Fast forward to 2019 and that same guy – who bootstrapped his way through the early years – had seen his idea grow from a napkin sketch to a global, $3 billion e-commerce success.

A decade ago, Josh began angel investing to help other Founders build their dreams. Once again, he found a process that required a huge time commitment to find and evaluate the right Startups. No wonder so many Startups and would-be Investors were locked out of the private market. There is massive inefficiency in this Startup/Investor market.

Enter Fundify, launched to simplify Startup funding for Founders and Investors alike. Fundify connects qualified Startups with an Expert in their field who reviews and comments on the opportunity.

Josh Chodniewicz

Founder & CEO
Founded Art.com & Allposters.com$58M Series A, Acquired by Walmart 2019Angel Investor in multiple acquisitionsE&Y'S Entrepreneur of the Year40 Under 40 Award

Craig Fryar

COO & EVP Data
Apple, EA, & TableauCo-Founded Seedstage IncubatorAtScale Initial Seed Investor ($110M raised)Experienced in data, software, hardwareAuthor, Speaker, Instructor, Mentor

Fundify works with Investors, Experts and Startups across the United States. We solve the radical inefficiencies in Startup funding with top technologies and an ecosystem that includes Experts, accredited and non-accredited Investors, angel groups, incubators, accelerators, venture capitalists and professional partners.